Healthy barrier equals Healthy Skin

A damaged skin barrier is the root cause of various skin issues such as dryness, sensitivity, and irritation. A healthy skin barrier protects the skin from environmental stressors and helps maintain hydration to reveal a healthy and glowing skin.


Formulated and Made in Korea for Indian Skin

Koreans are pioneers in skincare innovation, consistently developing the most advanced skincare technologies using highly potent natural ingredients. Our formulations are gentle on the skin yet super effective.


Cultivating good skincare habits

Skincare brands mindlessly push out products in pursuit of profit, with little regard to your skin health. However, too much skincare can overwhelm your skin. At Put Simply, we believe in creating intentional products that serve a specific purpose for your skin.Easy on the skin, easy on the planet and easy on your pocket.


Sensitive skin friendly

All Put Simply products are formulated the right way- Optimal pH, free of fragrance and essential oils.This makes our products great for sensitive skin and we get all our products dermatologically tested for safe use by sensitive skin.


Clean and cruelty free

We do not believe in greenwashing. We only eliminate those ingredients which are scientifically proven to be bad for your skin health. We have eliminated 8 ingredients that are at the root of the majority of skin issues. Our Put Simply promise to you -Toxin free, Cruelty free, Clean & Gentle formulations.


Our Origin Story

Anirudh (our Founder) knows only too well about acne issues. Like (probably) all of us, he recalls his struggle with acne dating back to when he was 14. Not surprisingly, the commonplace advice on acne and skin from peers, friends and family did little to fix the issue, though it did add a new problem - damaged skin barrier.

Unfortunately, fixing the skin barrier is not as easy as fixing yourself a cup of tea. The hunt to find the right product for the damaged skin barrier is Put Simply’s origin story (all superheroes have one!).

That’s why we created skincare that supports, not sensitises the skin. We prioritize the creation of good products that (are good for and kind to) your skin barrier, targeting the underlying (the root) causes of your skin concerns and helping you own a routine that you can stick to, consistently.

Rooted in Nature, Powered by Science, India’s first skincare brand that’s good for the skin barrier.