Healthy Barrier = Healthy Skin

Ever wondered why your skincare doesn't care for your skin? We figured it out for you! The damaged barrier is the prime suspect for all our skin woes. We damage our skin barrier by overwhelming it with so-called miracle products and quick fixes.
Yes, we’re the skincare brand your horoscope predicted will fix your skin barrier.

Skincare Simplified

We love skincare just as much as the next person (in case you didn’t know, we like it a lot)! But we know how exhausting, time taking and expensive it can be to find the products that work for you. That’s why we distilled the best of skincare into simple everyday products that deliver results so you no longer have to hunt.
All you need to do is use them consistently to see the results.

The Best of The Skincare World

To bring you the best in skincare, we looked far and wide. Our search landed us in Korea, a one-stop solution for all our skincare needs. Korean skincare is known to be gentle yet highly effective because of the innovative use of synergistic actives and natural ingredients.
And we bring you the best of it. What’s more, we do that without burning a hole in your pocket. We did all of this to achieve our goal of ‘truly healthy skin’ by making our products accessible to all.
Say bye-bye to barrier damage, and hello to healthy skin.